February Update


This month, we participated in the She's All That Girls Expo and reached out to new teams. We got to talk to a lot of girls at the expo and spread the word about COGS. Some girls signed up to become Catch On volunteers!

So far, February has been a good month for us. High school softball is starting up again, so hopefully we will be able to donate to some more teams!


Catch On


July Update

Hi Everyone!

Since our last update, we have accomplished the following things:

  • Collected lots of gloves, bats, catchers gear, nets, cleats, clothes, and more
  • Raised money from cookie and bow fundraisers
  • Hosted an annual gala in March. We raised over $2000
  • With the money that we raised at the gala, we shipped equipment to outfit an entire team in Harlem, NY 
  • We also reorganized our inventory in a shed

If you have anything to donate or if you want gear, please contact us!


March Update


This month we hosted our second annual gala. It was a huge success thanks to all the people that attended and donated. 

We raised over $2000. We plan to use this money to buy any requested gear, keep up our website, buy a shed for our inventory, and ship equipment to a softball team in New York.

This year, we received several generous donations for a raffle from the following groups:

  • Concannon Winery
  • California Academy of Science
  • Pier 39
  • Lavande Spa
  • Chrissy Heinz
  • Tina Ory, Arbonne Consultant
  • Glenn Novotny
  • San Jose Sharks... and many more

We will work hard in the next month to effective use the money that we raised and to continue our momentum from the Gala. We will keep you all updated on our process.


February Updates


This month, we have been working on planning our Annual Gala and on distributing and collecting equipment. 

We donated equipment to a few girls on the Oakland Technical High School varsity softball team. We also donated gear to youth in Oakland through Coach Kyriacou who is a coach at Bishop O'Dowd High School.

We are very excited about the upcoming gala. We encourage everyone to come! We have big plans for the money we fundraise, and we think the gala will give us what we need to take the organization to the next level. 



December Updates

Hello everyone!

In December we have been planning our gala and working on finding people to receive equipment. We decided to have our gala at the Zerbe residence. Thank you very much Zerbe family!

We are trying to form connections with leagues so that we will be able to steadily supply equipment to girls. Please let us know if you have any personal connections with any softball leagues.

We will keep on collecting equipment and searching for girls to give it to!


November Updates


This month, the COGS team met to discuss our progress and plans for the future. We talked about our next annual gala, and we decided to have it in March. 

We also discussed reaching out to more teams and programs to see if they need donations or if they would be willing to donate anything. We have contacted several schools and teams including all of the Oakland Athletic League teams. 

If you know anyone that needs softball gear to play, please contact us!

We will continue working hard next month so that our gala and gear distribution go smoothly.


June Updates

Hello Catch On supporters!

June has been a great month for Catch On so far. After distributing pretty much all of our gear to the Richmond High School teams, we have restocked the inventory at the SRVGAL All-Star Day. 

At the All-Star Day, we set up a table where we accepted donations, talked to people about our organization, and sold cute softball decorated cookies and hair bows. It was a good day for us--we received over 100 bats and collected over $150! We would like to thank everyone that came out and donated old gear and also the SRVAL organization for supporting us and donating a lot of equipment.

Another update is that we have a new board member, Alyssa Troiani. She plays for the Stompers with Marisa, Aleah, and Aiko. We are very excited to have Alyssa as part of the Catch On team, and we know she will do great things for our organization. 

Now that we have all of this equipment, we need to find girls and teams to give it to! If you know anyone that is in need of any softball gear, please let them know about Catch On.

Have a great summer! Maybe we'll see you at some tournaments. 



--The Catch On Team

Welcome to our website!

Hello Catch On Supporters!

We are happy to announce our new website! Here, you can find out all about our non-profit organization, view pictures, donate, and apply for softball gear (yay)! All you have to do is fill out a form, and we would be more than happy to grant you some equipment to get you playing as soon as possible. 

Please contact us! We are very excited about our progress and are looking forward to more in the near future. 

Stay updated on the website or the Catch On to Girls Softball Facebook page.

--Aleah, Marisa, and Aiko