COGS minutes Sunday June 26, 2016

Present: Cathy, Marisa, Alyssa, Lexi, Aleah, Leslie, Callie

Not present: Aiko

Reviewed what was done at sleep over:

1. Thank yous to the attendees of gala and people who contributed

2. Updates to Website and Facebook page WERE NOT DONE.

We assigned tasks:

1. Leslie will:

a. Reach out to the Pittsburg community to find out about rec softball and see if any of the

teams or families need gear

b. Will check with home depot and Lowes to price a tuff shed for storage

c. Do the minutes and distribute (anybody else want to do this next time?)

d. Contact a tournament director to see about setting up a table at a summer tournament

to collect gear

2. Aleah will:

a. Email board members to let them know about our next meeting and to solicit agenda


b. Reach out to Steve Renfro to discuss potential recipients of gear

c. Will contact Aiko to coordinate reaching out to OGSL

3. Marisa will:

a. Contact 2-3 people (or organizations, teams) to find groups to donate gear to

b. Will check with ribbon person to see about donations of ribbon to make bows for sale

c. Reach out to Caligold to spread the COGS word and see if anyone needs gear

4. Alyssa will:

a. Contact Bow Mama to get donations for drop off table sales

b. Reach out to the San Leandro community to find out about rec softball and see if any of

the teams or families need gear

c. Connect with person who want to donate rolls of softball turf for donation

d. Make contact with 2-3 people to spread the COGS word

5. Callie will:

a. Contact 2-3 people to spread the word and see about need for gear

6. Lexi will:

a. Contact 2-3 people to spread the word and see about need for gear

b. Lexi – did you offer to reach out the community of San Pablo….can’t remember?

7. Aiko: are you willing to take on the following:

a. Look into new banners (2) with website and email address on it

b. Talk with Aleah to plan a contact with OGSL re: their needs for gear

c. Be prepared to make a financial report at the next meeting

We all acknowledged the need to get the momentum going again. Next meeting is JULY 17 Mark your

calendars! Leslie

February 13, 2016 –COGS meeting

Present: Marisa, Aleah, Leslie, Aiko and Callie

Old Business –

1. Aiko gave out gear to the Oakland City Youth Organization.

Aiko is giving out gear to several of her Tech team mates who need gear

Aleah is giving out a few things to her Mats team mates

We discuss the term “in need,” and agree to ask the question, Are you really in need…to avoid anyone

taking advantage of “free stuff”

2. Aiko and Aleah will attend the OGSL opening ceremonies on March 5 and set up a table to

receive gear and give out info. Anyone else is welcome to join them!

3. Marisa and Callie will set up a table at the She’s All That event at Cal high on March 19. Anyone

else is welcome to join.

4. We will wear our COGS t-shirts at any public event and be ready to give out business cards.

5. Info needed – callie’s email address: and 925-858- 3930– add to your

contact info

a. Also Lexie’s:

b. We need Maddie Suko’s email address and texting info to add her to group chat


New business –

1. We have lots of new raffle prizes!!! Yay! Keep trying to get more and let Leslie know when you


2. Callie will try to get balloons from Safeway donated to event

3. Lexie will get flowers for event

4. Leslie will get Pasta donated for event

5. Marisa will be working on an Imovie to show at the gala. PLEASE SEND PHOTOS OF YOURSELF,



6. Paperless Post will send out a reminder to invintees on Feb. 28. Marisa will tweak the invite so

people can indicate how many people are in their party

7. We will have one last meeting before Gala on Feb. 28 at 10:00 at Alamo starbucks to discuss

food and anything else

COGS minutes – August 14 th , 2016

Present: Marisa, Cathy , Alyssa, Aleah, Maddie and Leslie

Not present: Lexie and Aiko

1. Girls will meet at Varni’s if possible this coming Saturday the 20 th , at 10:00 to go thru the stuff in

Varni’s garage and then Aleah will transport gear to the new Shed

2. Aleah is in communication with the director of Pittsburg’s rec. softball association. He is in need

of lots of gear and Aleah is arranging to deliver it. Leslie said it only took a little time to find him

by googling “Pittsburg recreation girls softball “

3. We discussed forming committees – with each board member chairing one committee. We will

discuss this at next meeting but in the meantime, give some thought to committee you would

like to chair. Here are the committees we thought about:

a. Gala committee (we will all be chairs here!)

b. Gear collection

c. Gear distribution

d. Media/social media

e. Volunteers

4. We will all try to create a list of at least 12 volunteers (girls that want volunteer hours for school

or church or just cuz) that we can call to help with events, etc. Maddie is our first fabulous

volunteer! Volunteers do not have to come to board meetings, but are invited to.

5. Marisa will talk to her dad for the purpose of going to a Stompers tournament soon to collect

gear and get our name out there. A few of us will on Saturday to pass out cards and tell parents,

coaches and players that will be collecting gear on Sunday. Another few of us will go on Sunday

to man a table and collect gear.

6. We will also do this at one of our tournaments. Alyssa will bring Stomper schedule to our next

meeting; we have Cali Gold’s schedule already

Next meeting: Sept. 11 at 4:00 – Starbucks in Alamo

Minutes 10/19


Attendees: Marisa, Lexi, Alyssa, Aiko, Cathy

Minutes from August 27 meeting were reviewed and approved.

No meeting was held in September.

Meetings will be held on Monday.

Next meeting: Monday November 16 5:15 at Alamo Starbucks (same place).

  • Business Cards:

    • Logo for business cards

    • How much do business cards cost? - Vistaprint

  • Legal Zoom: - talk about this more next meeting

    • Do we want an agent?

    • What is an agent?

  • Communications with OGSL:

    • Aiko has taken care of this.

    • Needs to keep an eye on thisVolunteer Jobs

  • Checks next time (we need the forms filled out before reimbursement)

  • Bins at high school

  • Talk to people about giving out gear.

  • Tryouts are soon

    • Set up booths to collect and distribute.

    • Contact more organizations. Find out when and where tryouts are. Ask them if we can set up booth. Marisa will talk to Anne, Aiko will contact OGSL, Lexi will contact other coaches and Lady Hustle,

    • Need to put something together to put on organizations’ website.

  • Gala

    • When? 1st week of December or end of January, beginning of February

    • Lexi- going to ask church about using their space

    • Maybe at Lexi’s house

    • Raffle?

    • Band?

  • Taxes:

    • Might have to pay $250 to do taxes

    • Is there anyone that can do it for free?

  • Add 501(C)3 to website



Contact Wellman, other organizations; check with parents to see if we can use her house.


Contact Steve Renfro, Rick McEwen; complete bio


Contact Richmond coach, see if they need anything or know of any other teams


Find out about business cards; work on website


Complete bio; find more people to see if they want gear; research teams and when their tryouts are; email the teams that she finds.

Someone needs to contact the newspaper. Who wants to do this?